Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Copper Hills' Parents & Students,

Attached are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive throughout the school year. We know this may not answer all of your questions but might give some insight as to what  person you might want to seek out. Thank you.

General Information:

#1.  Medications at school, students' health screenings and general health information.

CONTACT: SCHOOL NURSE: Marie Thuringer     HEALTH ASSISTANT: Krista Cantrell

#2.   Registering a student for Copper Hills, Dropping a student from Copper Hills or Annual Enrollment

CONTACT:   SCHOOL REGISTRAR:  Steffanie Hartman  or OFFICE MANAGER: Regina Barajas 

#3.    Library, Technology Lab or Reading Counts Program

CONTACT:    GIS: Mallory Dodderer or  LIBRARIAN: Barbara Burger 

#4.    Questions regarding overall school policies, procedures, concerns, suggestions, etc... 

CONTACT:    PRINCIPAL: Todd Deck  or  GIS: Mallory Dodderer


Frequently Aske d Questions at CH.pdf