Winter Holiday Program Set for 12-21-16

November 29, 2016 at 2:14 PM

Parents, Students & Guardians of 1st through 6th Grade Students,

Our annual Winter Holiday Program is set for December 21st, 2016 for our 1st - 6th grade students in our MPR.

The program starts at 8:30 (approx) and goes until 11:45 (approx). The classes will rotate in and out of the performance as will our parents and guardians. Below is the schedule of events- we will do everything possible to stay within the timeline. We will not start a performance early but some might start later then the time stated.

8:40           Opening

8:45           CH Choir (5th & 6th Grade Students)          9:15           1st Grade Students               9:35           2nd Grade Students

9:55           3rd Grade Students                                     10:15         4th Grade Students               10:45          CH Band (5th & 6th Gr.)

11:15         CH Orchestra (5th & 6th Gr.)                       11:45          Closing.

Look forward to seeing you at the Winter Holiday Program!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!