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School Culture

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Copper Hills School Culture

Copper Hills will continue to focus on our school culture to ensure all students are in an environment where they can be successful in Mind, Body & Spirit. We will offer opportunities for our staff, parents and students to provide input, receive culturally relevant information, staff development, team building and follow our Miner Code throughout the 2021-22 school year. We will intentionally provide opportunities for our students and staff to grow and learn from each other each and every day. 
Academically, we will provide instruction through our textbooks , additional curriculum, events and opportunities on a daily basis to learn from each other. We will create a safe environment, inside and outside of the classroom, that will allow our students to thrive. We want all of our students to be academically proficient but also want them to learn to be culturally proficient at each grade level. 
Socially , we will provide opportunities, events, and community events that will put us together as one site. We are truly Better Together! We will utilize our different clubs...ex MinerZ Club, PASA, etc... to facilitate discussions and guide training throughout the year. Our Multi-Cultural Events throughout the year, inside and outside the classroom,  will provide our staff & students the opportunities to celebrate our differences.  
As our Miner Code says, Together we are Better and Take Care of One Another, will guide our community throughout the school year. 

Miner Code

Our students say and live this Miner Code on a daily basis. We do writing and art contests all based off of these beliefs. Our character awards are also tied into these traits. Our teachers praise our students and recognize them when they see these core values being done inside and out of the classroom. Lastly, we say this as a whole school at the conclusion of our daily announcements. We want our students to live this daily to be prepared for their future. 
We generated these 5 qualities from the Clovis North campus. When our students arrive as Broncos, our Miner Code translates into the Code of the North which is comprised of 10 beliefs, five of which they will already know from the Miner Code. We believe this will help our students make a smoother transition to the next level as well as create students that have outstanding character. 

Living by the Miner Code

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